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Upgrade Your Thinking

Turn what if I could… into I just did by unlocking your most powerful inner resources. With NLP and Hypnosis ONE session will change your life. We are so confident in you and the power of your mind to make changes that we do not get paid until you get results! What would you like to achieve first?

Whether you want to change one thing or you want to redesign you’re entire life, remember that success leaves clues. The most obvious thing successful people have in common is a powerful psychology. When you think and feel differently you will get different results.

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  • Testimonial #3
    Tim Barkley, Manager

    Not only do I feel different after my session with Peter but he also showed me how to do self-hypnosis so now I can relax whenever I need to....

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  • Testimonial #2

    Life's been amazing! Not only am I confident in work, I've been doing so well in stand up shows they invited me to do a weekly set at (name removed...

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  • Testimonial #1
    R.E., Performer

    Working with Peter has really changed my perspective on life. I'm living fearlessly!...

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Design Your Life

Improve your mind-set, overcome fears, get rid of addictions!

Discover your Purpose and be more passionate!

Awaken powerful confidence and motivation!

Be the Hero of your story

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Hypnosis for Adults

Create the life you want. This Hypnotherapy practice is about expanding people’s choices and abilities. We use the hypnotic state to help you create powerful beliefs and emotional states that will allow you to achieve your highest potential and live your life on your terms.


The Hypnotic state is an altered state of consciousness characterized by a complete absorption of the mind in a task or activity. This total concentration of your mind will be focused on powerful suggestions, imagery, feelings, and ideas. You will be simultaneously very focused and totally relaxed. You will not do anything against your will.


This trance state if you will is powerful in that it gives you an opportunity to perceive things outside of normal consciousness. Your normal consciousness consists of your biases, your prejudices, your normal thinking patterns and behaviors that are keeping you stuck, or not allowing you to perceive a greater future. Once you’ve gotten over what’s been stopping you then you can think about just how amazing life can be.


We encourage you to DREAM BIG with us.


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Hypnosis for Children

Children benefit greatly from Hypnosis

Children are excellent candidates for hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is safe and comfortable for children and it's an amazing opportunity for you and your child to begin to build strong attitudes and beliefs that will help them to be happy productive people.

As a parent you cannot always control the things that life throws at your child but you can help by encouraging the growth of good attitudes and a powerful psychology. In doing so you can help your child be resilient during life's challenges and enjoy all that life has to offer. Here are just some of the things we can help your child with.

Bed Wetting




Self Esteem


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Hypnobirthing Hypnotherapy provides mothers with the opportunity to give birth in the most comfortable way possible. We do this by reducing and in many cases elminating pain during labor, reducing labor time, and creating a state of time distortion for the mother so that time seems to pass very quickly. It is possible to give birth in total comfort.

Benefits of Hypnosis for Child Birth

Shorter labor time.

Since pain and discomfort are diminished Mom needs fewer or no drugs. This means less risk of complications on mother and baby.

Mom is awake and relaxed during the labor process.

Giving birth becomes a calm peaceful process.

Fewer complications during labor.

Hypnosis can turn breech babies into the correct position.

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